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The Research On Credit Guarantee System For Small And Medium Enterprises In China

Posted on:2012-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189330335473937Subject:Political economy
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With the development of our our economy system reform, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are playing an increasingly important role in our national economy, which has boosted the prosperity of our economy and absorbed social employment on a big scale. But they have met with a variety of difficulties. The biggest one is the acute lack of financing and that the credit guarantee system is not in position is the main causes. So the establishment of complete and well-executed credit guarantees system effectively helps to solve the financing difficulty.But many problems arise in the development, such as ambiguous status, irregular operations, loose risk control of credit guarantee institutions, non-diversified fund source, banks'unwilling cooperation, and SMEs'weak credit. These problems all seriously restrict the credit guarantee system for SMEs to show it's interaction, and solve the financing difficulty. How to display the credit guarantee system for SMEs and eliminate the disadvantageous element to develop the credit guarantee system for SMEs has active response on financing and putting forward our development of our economy.This paper begins with the theories and explanation of credit guarantee, analyses the necessity of it's establishment in China, describes the status of China's credit guarantee system and analyzes the problems, meanwhile through the comparative research of several credit guarantee systems, and at last the paper gives out the measures for the improvement of our credit guarantee system.The paper consists of five parts. The first part introduces the background and significance, The second part introduces the concept of credit guarantee as well as its necessity. The third part shows us the status of credit guarantee system in China and analyzes the problems in the process. Then makes a comparative research on credit guarantee system in Japan , Us and Taiwan province. The last part puts forward the measures to establish and improve our credit guarantee system. Firstly introduces the reasonable organizational modeal for SMEs'credit guarantee system and gives some proposals to improve the social environment , and then from SMEs, banks and credit guarantee institutions respectively, finally dwells on how to solve the problems in the implementation process of credit guarantee system.
Keywords/Search Tags:small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), Credit guarantee system for SMEs, Credit guarantee institutions
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