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Study On The Mechanism Of Benefit Distribution In The Process Of Urban House Demolition

Posted on:2007-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360185995253Subject:Land Resource Management
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It is the necessity of urban social economic development to reconstruction of the old town. The size of the house demolishing and reconstructed area is larger and larger with the social economic continued development. Since for the house demolishing, the problem of no house living for those residents is more and more serious. It causes the urban social stability and economic development. It is a significant and urgent academic problem that how to constitute a system of the urban house demolishing compensation and the profit distribution, which is appropriate for the requirement of the socialism market economic development and protect the benefit of all public, is good for urban economic development and social stability.Firstly, Explained the background and the meaning. Also it looked back the basic researches at home and abroad. According to that, it gave the way of studying and made the creative conclusionSecondly, the author summarizes the urban housing removal compensation system by comparing history and actuality. Opening out the essential which is urban "residence lost house" and "urban housing demolition difficult" at present.thirdly, choose three typical models in Wuhan, make a specific beneficial analysis of government, real estate developer, the Owners Of removal Housing, and point out the basic reason of contradiction in house-demolishing that exists nowadays.Fourthly, the author take the Game Pattern research by the balance, etc., analyzed systematically about the relation of principal part's action and house-demolishing compensation. By using Game Theory, it analyzed different government's policies, which deal with real estate developer and the Owners Of removal Housing, and how to choose the way to reach their balance relation. Also it analyzed the equality influence of that the government only raised the price of compensation.fifthly, Regenerating benefit distribution system during the urban lodging removed. We bases on the problem during the urban lodging removed presently, and designing a suit of new benefit distribution system, in order to balance the relationship between among the benefit main body.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban house, demolishing, game theory of profit, the profit distribution system
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