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Research On Risk Management In China Commercial Bank

Posted on:2009-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360272493038Subject:Business Administration
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This article from domestic commercial banks reality, in-depth analysis and study of the international banking sector in financial risk management aspects of the advanced theory and practice. Specific analysis since the last century since the second half of the international banking community in the Basel Committee's new and old two agreements on the promotion of the financial risk management start with the status quo, and from the bank rate risk management, internal control and external supervision of bank risk Management techniques that focus on four aspects of China's commercial banks in the risk management aspects of the existing problems and shortcomings, for the existing problems, and put forward practical solutions. China's commercial banks in financial risk management problems that exist in both the underlying causes of the lack of thinking and understanding, but also a system of building defects, and management of technical backwardness. Papers to be a dynamic and comprehensive point of view for China's banking risk management system, on how to build China's financial industry in line with reality and can reach the international advanced level of bank risk management system put forward a series of practical recommendations.In this paper, composed of three chapters, including:The first chapter for the commercial bank risk management overview, elaborated on the part of commercial banks risk, the risk of the types of commercial banks and commercial banks risk management theory of the development process.Chapter II pointed out the major commercial banks in China's risk management aspects of the existing problems, mainly from interest rate risk, internal control and external supervision of bank risk management and technical aspects of China's four commercial banks and the current issue of the status quo point.Chapter III against the previous chapter's major commercial banks in China with regard to risk management issues, and practical measures and recommendations.This paper analyses, to prevent bank financial risks is an effective way to build an effective risk management systems. Risk management model for commercial bank credit risk management play a very important role in the new Basel Capital Accord in strengthening the financial risk management, commercial banks have brought new risks and challenges. China's commercial banks can improve the database, the establishment of suitable conditions of our country's commercial banks risk management model and a series of methods to enhance China's commercial banks risk management level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial bank, The risk management, Interest rate risk, Operational risk
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