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The Study Of Problems And Methods In China's Small-and-medium-sized Credit Guarantee System

Posted on:2008-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360308479087Subject:Business management
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With the development of new economy, small-and-medium-sized enterprises become more and more important in various countries'economy. The exsistence and development situation of small-and-medium-sized enterprises have become the key points to affect the country's economy. In recent years, our country's small-and-medium-sized enterprises had considerable developments. They have become the important parts which impel our country's national economy to grow continually, fast and healthily. At present, in the course of development, the shortage of funds is the main problem that face the small-and-medium-sized enterprises. And the funds are mainly from commercial banks loans.To solve the difficulty of the enterprise loan is to solve the problem of funds shortage. But looked on its overall condition and the trend of development, the fund supply can't meet the enterprises'needs.'Finances difficulty'is the major problem which inflences the development of small-and-medium-sized enterprises.Building small-and-medium-sized enterprise credit guarantee system is the practice that be used in various countries all over the world. And it's the method to solve the problem above all. With this method, the government can change the administrative intervention infuction for the policy guidance infuction. With this method, the relation between banks and enterprises can be rebuilt, the idea of credit can be strenghened, the risk of financing can be reduced, and with the establishment of small-and-medium-sized enterprises'credit guarantee system, they can improve the fimancing enviroment.This thesis is beginning with the difficulty of financing. In my thesis, I have proved that credit guarantee is the effective measure to solve the difficulty of financing in small-and-medium-sized enterprises. I introduced the development course and present situation of our country small-and-medium-sided enterprises.I. concluded the characteristic as well as the trend of development of our country small-and-medium-sized enterprises'credit guarantee system. In my thesis, I analysised the various problems which the small-and-medium-sized enterprise credit guarantee system met in the development course, and I even analysised the similarities and diffrences of various countries credit guarantee system construction.Connected with the present development situation of demestic credit guarantee system, I proposed tentative plan which to construct our country credit guarantee system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financing, Credit guarantee, Small-and-medium-sized enterprise, Credit guarantee organization, Credit guarantee system
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