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Chiral Phase-transfer Catalyst Synthesis And Asymmetric Induction

Posted on:2005-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2191360125962494Subject:Organic Chemistry
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Asymmetric synthesis using chiral transfer catalyst is a new methed that has just been developed in late years. In this thesis we synthsiz six new chiral quaternary ammonium salts from a popular chiral material L- Tryptophan, and then use the synthesized chiral quaternary ammonium salts in some asymmetric reactions in order to research their asymmetric catalytic effect, Following are the main work of this thesis:1.It summarized the development and the recently research work on this research field in the past years.2.Using L- Tryptophan as the beginning material, through the reaction of esteration, quternarization, reduction, we get six new chiral quaternary ammonium salts as chiral phase transfer catalysts: PTC-1, PTC-2, PTC-3, PTC-4, PTC-5, PTC-6.3.Find the best condition by researching and analyze reaction result.4.All the chiral quaternary ammonium salts synthesized and their intermedias are analyzed and characterized by 'H-NMR and IR.5. In order to study the catalysis and asymmetric induction of these chiral quaternary ammonium salts, we use them as chiral phase transfer catalysts in reaction of asymmonium addition.6. A mode for the asymmetric induction of the chiral phase transfer catalyst is suggested on the besis of the outcome of the experiments and the relate theorys.
Keywords/Search Tags:asymmetric synthesis, chiral quaternary ammonium salt, phase transfer catalysts, asymmetric induction
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