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Research Of Digial Control Zero-current-transition Full-bridge Dc/dc Converter

Posted on:2009-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2192360242997684Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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Soft-Switching technique is a hotspot of power converter research. It's the key technique in high frequency and high density converter. With the development of microprocessors,there has been an increased interest in digital control of switch mode power supply,instead of analog control. The digital control scheme has many advantages in simplifying the control circuit, improving the converters reliability, control precision and flexibility, general and intelligent level. In order to reach both high frequency and digitalization of converter, a Full Bridge Phase-Shifted ZCT converter based on ARM control is proposed in the dissertation.The principle of the novel converter is analyzed, and the foundations of parameter-design are presented. Furthermore, parameter calculation formulas at different modes are deduced. A digital control system based on LCP2214 controller is designed and achieve the output of Phase-shifting PWM signal. A simulation is performed for the converter using Pspice9.2, and different parameters' effects on performance of converter are analyzed. A ZCT soft-switching power supply with \kW based on this topology and digital control strategy is developed. And the design of main, control, drives and protection circuits are presented. Lastly, working waveforms of the converter are measured on the prototype.The result of experiments have shown that main circuit's parameters are right, reasonable and achieve all design require; Zero-current switching is achieved correctly, and the converter has many advantages such as simple auxiliary circuit and high efficiency; The control system's hardware structure is simple, highly integrated and easy to implement; The control system's software works properly and fulfill all functions, the correctness of the whole design is validated.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zero current switching, Zero current transition, Full bridge converter, LPC2214
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