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Soft Switching Pwm Bi-directional Dc / Dc Converter

Posted on:2009-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L YiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2192360248952902Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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With the development of power electronics technology, bidirectional DC/DC converters get more and more application. Especially soft-switching techniques appear, it push bidirectional DC/DC converters developing in higher efficiency, smaller volume, higher frequency and higher performance. Employing soft-switching techniques in bidirectional DC/DC converters reduces switching loss and improves efficiency of the converters. The soft-switching converters can operate in higher frequency. As a result, the converters will have high power density and fast dynamic response. Bidirectional DC/DC converters are used in DC Uninterruptible Power System (DC-UPS), aerospace power system, electric vehicle power system, DC power amplifier and batter storage system.In this article, the soft-switching technique is discussed based on researching the hard-switching power converter circuit's shortcoming firstly. Then, basing on researching the principle of bidirectional DC/DC converters, this paper expounds the use of bidirectional DC/DC converters and some topology of bidirectional DC/DC converters which use soft-switching techniques. The soft-switching techniques and bidirectional DC/DC converters techniques hang together. A novel bidirectional DC/DC converters topology was introduced in this paper. This novel bidirectional DC/DC converters topology is using phase-shifted ZVS PWM DC/DC full-bridge converters in buck circuit and using boost converters and push-pull converters hanging together in boost circuit.The discussion, basing on analyzing the principles of the phase-shifted ZVS PWM DC/DC full-bridge converters and push-pull boost converters, uses PSpice9.2 software to simulate and to analyze the novel bidirectional DC/DC converters topology for validating its correctness and feasibility.
Keywords/Search Tags:Soft-switching, Bidirectional, DC/DC, ZVS, Phase-shifted, PSpice9.2
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