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Research On Multi-protocol Conversion Of Embedded Gateway Based On The Arm

Posted on:2009-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2198330335453444Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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The rapid development of computer network technology triggered the profound change of traditional computer-controlled network structure and the development of embedded network. However for the large-scale use of embedded monitoring equipment with 8/16 bit low-end processor, it is unrealistic to achieve TCP/IP protocol. This thesis based on the analysis of existing embedded internet solution, bring out the embedded gateway to realize the control of network access to internet. In the field of information technology research, embedded network is a very important direction in the research. While in the field of embedded network, embedded gateway is a very important component which performs decisive significance meaning to embedded network technical development.This thesis analysis the key technology of construction embedded gateway and proposes the design program of the embedded gateway based on the analysis of the embedded technology which accomplishes the conversion among the CAN, RS-485 and Internet and gives detailed performance. It creates a low-cost, reliable, flexible and convenient controlling network platform through gateway connecting embedded devices to buildup a distributed network.Embedded network connecting with a number of different networks through gateway access to network interface which including internet and various fieldbus network etc creates a network system with distribute network information processing ability and advanced controlling function.Using CAN, RS-485 and other fieldbus embedded devices to create a network, adding one embedded gateway which connects the network with internet. Various internet communication protocols (such as ARP, TCP/IP, etc.) are accomplished by Gateway, while the embedded devices only for the system data acquisition and control. When the equipment on the local subnet submits a request, embedded gateway can be connected to the internet site. On the contrary, when a network communication is required, embedded gateway takes charge of the communication requests from the long-distance network.We adopted Samsung processor, the S3C44B0X processor of ARM7 Series, and uClinux embedded operating system. This thesis is mainly on the in-depth study of the design of embedded gateways, embedded gateway systems software and hardware design, the transplant of uClinux, the design and conversion of gateway protocol stack.Which is specifically related to the establishment of the development environment, debugging hardware circuit, running operating system, transplanting operating system and its function data applications, programming for some specific devices equipment drivers, designing TCP/IP,CAN and RS-485 protocol and the conversion among these three protocols.We study the embedded gateway with low cost, high efficiency characteristics, a higher degree of practice and research value, it is worth promoting. Finally the thesis makes summing up of the done work and points out the follow-up development of the embedded gateway which needs to be further improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:embedded gateway, protocol conversion, S3C440X, uClinux
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