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Hunan Mobile E-commerce Consumer Adoption Of Behavioral Research

Posted on:2009-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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October 1, 2008, China Unicom's CDMA business officially handed over to China Telecom carriers, China Netcom and China Unicom merger, China Mobile and China Railway merger. Since then, the domestic carriers of the end of War five-party situation, the three pillars into the period. Telecom operators to complete the restructuring, marking the major telecom operators into the formal business of the whole area, China Telecom was more successful, the 3G mobile license. Since the separation of mobile and fixed network, China Telecom has been difficult, the only telecommunications company in Hunan Province on the loss of millions of fixed phone users, PHS can only rely on the Internet and broadband services to maintain slow growth. To enter in 2008, Hunan Telecom's PHS business because of birth defects Chaiji entered the peak period, and the development of broadband telecom Hunan have encountered bottlenecks. In contrast is the mobile operator has entered a golden age of rapid development. These enterprises have recognized that the only real operating mobile service companies to get out in front of the plight of the present era is the era of mobile communications. But when the real Hunan Telecommunication take over the CDMA business, all of a sudden, after years of development, Hunan, most of the mobile communications market has been occupied by other operators, how in the mobile communications market to seize a place to become Hunan Telecom is currently the biggest problem .The leadership of the company assess the situation and decided to develop the mobile e-commerce as the breakthrough point, to enter the field of mobile communications. In that case, how can the mobile e-commerce in Hunan was the real consumer adoption and acceptance in order to be extensive and in-depth and effective absorption and utilization as well as in the field of telecommunications has become a closely watched study.According to the theory of research at home and abroad, technical model to predict the acceptance of new users of information technology is very effective, and user acceptance of e-commerce is moving to accept a new information technology. This article is technically acceptable model on the basis of the impact of the integration of mobile users to receive e-business major factor in building a mobile user to receive e-factors research model, and then to Hunan Telecom customers have been targeted to select different age levels for consumers Representatives of the mobile e-commerce features for consumers to adopt behavior were investigated. Finally, through the analysis of questionnaires, the main conclusions reached are as follows: technical acceptance model to explain the intention to adopt mobile e-commerce is still valid; have a mobile Internet experience is the use of e-commerce intention of important external variables; personal factors of the Internet experience; users is the perception of risk The use of mobile e-commerce intentions of the main obstacles; innovation is also the perception of mobile users have the intention to use e-commerce is an important factor. Through the conclusion of the study and put forward some proposals for the development of enterprises for mobile e-commerce marketing to provide some reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile e-commerce, the adoption, technology acceptance model
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