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Erhu "great Wall Capriccio" Music Analysis

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Erhu, the "Great Wall Capriccio" is a large ethnic instrumental concerto composed by a famous composer Mr. Liu Wenjin in the early eighties of last century. This work depicts the landscapes of the great Great Wall. Starting from the imagine of the board of the Great Wall, the emotion of the work gradually develops into a vision of a better future of the great motherland. The whole concerto is filled with the love of the great motherland. The composer eulogized the grand history of China and imagined Chinese nation a brilliant future with a unique artistic style by depicting the great buildings of the Great Wall through the lyric by king. The"Guan Shan Tour", full of vicissitudes and the imagination, the "war exercises " with bravery, the"Loyal Soul Wield"and the"Vision"with future prospects. Each chapter is of relative independence in characteristics, meantime the four chapters is closely connected to form an imposing bearing patriotic good works. It occupies a high position in our national instrumental work and is also a work of historical and cross-age.Liu Wenjin began to idea the work from 1979 and had a successful premiere in 1982 by Min Huifen. The four years of hard work realized a major breakthrough of the work both in performing skills and the expression of national instruments. This work still holds a significant position so far. We should learn more form a successful work, not only analyzing the music itself but also understanding the cultural connotations behind.. As what Mr. Run Yang said,"There always hidden some spiritual contents behind the music itself which can be directly grasped by hearing sense in a more serious and profound work. And this kind of spirit should be the most important part in analysis of the work.. Unless inspecting from the view of society and history, can the essence of the work be revealed."This article firstly analyzesthe music itself and then introduces the development of Erhu, including the introduction of Liu Wenjin and the background of his work"Great Wall Capriccio"from a perspective of culture. Finally this essay illustrates the development of Erhu.The Erhu Concerto"Great Wall Capriccio"is a very outstanding work. It's necessary to analyze and reckon on this work. I'm honored to provide some tips and thoughts to composers and performers.
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