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Narrative Art Of Fiction Yu Hua

Posted on:2005-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2205360122997965Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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Pioneer novel is a kind of literature design and school emerging in middle period of the eighties It create orientation to narrate itself regard as aesthetic targets which deviate from routine creation by posturing break the traditional narration mode totally, it uses the methods of by mistake, means of putting, make up, imagine etc, which carries on the experiment of the narration method and has reached the level which is unparalleled by that in the past period in Chinese Contemporary Literature. Among all Pioneer writers, Yu Hua is considered as the model who possess experiment taste and artistic character most. In narrating novel Yu Hua experience the transition of pursuiting from myth to simplicity, trending to from supra-reality to reality. This article selects the most characteristic parts from Yu Hua's different creating stages, which can analysis, study systemicly and carefully his narrating art from the middle and late part of 1980's to 1990' s. The purpose is discovering which narrating patter and language experience that he created in the aspect of novel narration, meanwhile, discovering how can he disintegrate the already existed literature concept and composing model by " formula exhibition" with refreshing the showing field of literature which influence the narrating direction of the contemporary novel creation at the same time.. With deeper research of Yu Hua' s narration style, this article has valuable meaning to the future study of china Pioneer literature, even to Chinese contemporary narrating novel' s developing direction and culture choice.Narration itself is quite complicated. Yu Hua' s study against narrating novel ration depends not only on the grasp and comparison of Pioneer novel' s integrated style and skill, the difference between the objections being studied, but also on the development and the creation of the narration theory. Basing on the relative theory of narrating novel, complying with Yu Hua novel's start and evolution, using tri-diamention studying method to analysis the course, character and development of his novel' s narrating construction, this article studies the relationship of each element in Yu Hua' s novel. The study includes the construction sequence of some narrating remarks (narrating direction, constructure, language)and deeper decision, the decision is influenced by the forming of the narrating model, change of society history, transition of the culture surrounding and Pioneer school' s writing style. During the course of the research of the meaning and value of his novel, this article marks the way that Yu Hua face the world, by which go through his spirit, then we can deeply understand Yu Hua' s inner mental world.This article is trying to show the fruit of Yu Hua' s each writing stage gradually, ; at the beginning, his metaphysical thinking came from the simple story narration and presented the bud of Pioneer style. The style developed into a higher stage named" unusual narration" latter., During this period, the integration of the story is undermined, time and space flows in cycle, narration is filled with violation, death, ruin and fatality. By virtue of displaying the ridiculousness of human being' s living essence, Yu Hua subverts the culture, dissolves the history, rebels the existed theory, at the same time, the "nervous relationship with the reality" is showed so that he can reach the" mental sincerity" , then the metaphysical theme becomes obvious. With research and study Yu Hua' s new probe and attempt against narrating method at the end of 1980' s, we can find he just reducing the simple form experiment and focus on the value of meaning, Yu Hua integrates the form into meaning, making the narration be one part of his work' s central meaning. In 1990' s, Yu Hua bravely face the pressure that how can the writer endure the responsibility of the life, he stop playing word games and attach great attach great attention to man' s life. Narrating object turns to normal people life, the scatted construction change into traditional line one, narrating langu...
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