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Mandarin / Cantonese Dual Statement Was Made By Verbal Working Memory In Children

Posted on:2008-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Verbal working memory is close contact to the child's language study, and we can suppose their verbal ability by verbal working memory test. The paper compares Mandarin and Cantonese diglossia children with others that have dominance on Mandarin or Cantonese, and discus the main factor that influence verbal working memory of diglossia children. The paper includes three experimental.Experimental 1 use Competing language processing (CLPT task) and Dual processing comprehension task (DPCT task) to explore whether diglossia children's performance have different with single language children. We conclude that the difference contrast is not notable.Experimental 2 have 4 part tests, and test 1 focus on the familiar of word, the result is the word's familiar is distinct influent to different type of children, and diglossia children are easier affected by other information than single Mandarin children. Test 2 we explore the length of sentence and the result is the length of sentence is not distinct influent to children. Test 3 consider the position of recalling word, and the result shows that the position of recalling word is distinct affect to children. Finally, we study whether the single sentence and the complex sentence influence on diglossia children or not, and the diglossia children show worse performance than single sentence when they listening complex sentence. All test found that diglossia children and single Cantonese children are easier affected by other informationExperimental 3 explore two language environment, and tests 1 proved diglossia children are easier affected in dual language environment when they executive CLPT task, while there is no difference when they executive DPCT task.In general, we conclude that the performance of diglossia children on verbal working memory tasks is worse than single Mandarin children, but are better than single Cantonese children.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bilingual, Diglossia children, Verbal working memory, Competing language processing task, Dual processing comprehension task
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