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A Comparative Study Of The United Nations Convention Against Corruption And China 's Anti - Corruption System

Posted on:2015-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330464960953Subject:Criminal Law
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Corruption shall stem from the power, which is a kind of phenomenon about authority-seeking activities. This social problem gets the most attention from the government and the worldwide, because it can directly make impact on the development of the democracy, politics, economy in each nation, and is also related to everyone’s welfare. In our country the theory about officer’s standard is always being regarded as the mainstream throughout the history. Therefore, corruption comes with together. Our government is trying its best to fight with corruption in terms of legislation and various policies. However, the situation of corruption in our country is getting more and more serious, even with great financial and human input.In the respective of raising question, the conflict between the current situation of the corruption and the governance efforts is found, which proves in the second chapter of the article. In our country there are many anti-corruption agencies and huge supports from human and financial input. These, on the other hand, produce the increase of high crime rate, the severity of the corruption crimes and the polarization of the officer criminals.What causes the above controversy, because of the system, the policy or the law? The article tries to find the answer. UN Convention against Corruption initially creates the system about corruption in the worldwide, which adopts the successful experiences from those countries and territories in regarded with anti-corruption and indeed produces satisfactory practical effects in some contraction states applying the convention. In fact, the convention focuses on how to fight with the corruption. Then the third chapter summarizes three traits of this convention, including well-directed, transparent and efficient, all is the key to anti-corruption. In the respect of the crime of bribery, the crime in the private field and the control of the proceeds of crimes, the fourth chapter compare our corruption system with UN Convention against Corruption. Our answer shall stand on the scope of the corruption and the criminal policy related to the concept of counter-crime. Lastly, our method to improve our corruption system goes to put the corruption in the private field into the whole anti-corruption system and meanwhile accept the new criminal policy to perfect our law on bribery crimes, the system of controlling the cash and mechanism of recovering the outflowing assets.
Keywords/Search Tags:Crimes of Corruption, UN Convention against Corruption, Crimes of Bribery, Private Sector, Criminal Policy
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