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Chinese Traditional Justice Values ​​and Their Creative Transformation

Posted on:2017-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330488986919Subject:Marxism in China
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The justice problem is an important topic of the Marxism sinicization research. Construction of Chinese justice values bears on the future development direction of the Chinese society.This is an important aspect of modernization. About the concept of justice, different people have different opinions.Its essence is to point to group relations about the extension of individual rights.This article used the method of literature analysis to comb the chinese traditional justice values. This paper analyzed the Confucianism school of justice thoughts,.This paper summarized the overall characteristics of chinese traditional values of justice,and put forward the creative transformation path.This article on the structure was divided into five parts: the first part is the introduction, introduced the topic research background, the significance, researching status at home and abroad, researching methods and innovations. The second part defined the concept of justice, and analyzed the relations between justice and rights,justice and goodness. The third part was the analysis of carding Confucianism school justice value thoughts. Confucianist’s moral justice used humanity ontology as the logic starting point of justice, the unity was the value pursuit of justice, the basic structure of justice was: the hitoshi- interest- righteousness- wisdom- ritual- music,used justification and suitability as the justice principle; Taoist hold naturalism of the justice, the starting point of the justice was the thought of the nature of the tao, no harming others was the essence of justice; Mohism hold the righteousness of economical justice, used the "righteousness" for justice as justice value of utility, used economical justiceas as the way of the realization of justice. The fourth part analysis of the overall features of the chinese traditional justice: Human self-realization is the logical starting point of the justice, the value of justice accords to moral idealism, the deep structure of thinking of justice is the integrity of the thinking mode, the deep social structure of justice is the integration of the social structure, the authority of justice stems from the ideological recognition, chinese justice pay attention to the concept of justice, and ignore the system of justice. The fifth part analyses the characteristics of traditional justice and creative transformation path: the requirement of justice is no damaging others’ right, stress boundary points based on the thinking structure, emphasizes the standard identification from the social structure, ensure the justice demands of no damaging others’ right in the legal system construction from the institutional guarantee.
Keywords/Search Tags:traditional justice, creative transformation, individual rights, no damaging others’ right
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