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Mechanism And The Operating Environment Of The China Venture Capital

Posted on:2001-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the end of 20. centUry tO fit fOr the deveIoPInent of high-teChnology industry haancesystem of evny country especis1ly that having well deVlo~ markt economy contined tO behoformed and created. W Invtw a new inwetment way t0 suPP0rt highdecbnologyinduStI'y developed IabW AccOrding tO thc SPecial bo of he-technolOgy induSwn heInvesbo balanced the risk and -- tbrough a series ofinshtutiOn eqemen. hitemahanal~es hav ~ tha the deVefoPment of Venthe Innsbo would pote the grOwth0fhighwt010gy chIIyAs a edOPing cOUnny cha is in the ghd of econOm besfer ne market ecareyand fore Inbo is nO COInglete and perfat. Tha ndhonal inveSAnent Way can not meet tkeneed ofoptechnolOgy industry As for the sitUation, venthe inwetment syStem is neceq Onthe 6aSis ofth6 syShanati anlySis to the wt of at invstment SyStem, the thesis makeSa sPeCal effert t0 invtw - boed SySthe with ChineSe peiul the. The theSisals0 the the envhamed in~le to forl0P de inwtent.The theSis inchaeS bo PartS. In Part one, the be ~is the baCkgrOUn in wforhde inveSAnen ~d. She POinted tba the forel0Pmen of high teChnqus andbowlha ecoW is the cM of- investmen rmot. T0 PrOvide a new invdsenway fOr highdebnOl0gy industry is thc m0s wt motive f0rCe, dsch engndered --wt. The tw ofvenot inveStment system N on deve0Ped haane maIkatand markat ec0n0m boent. A pet ch .As spe is good tO thedeve~ 0fecOn0Inhi Part tw0, the be analySs the basc structure Of wnture inveSAnen SySthe. She ~taltka Venture invtw SySthe is mfor uP 0f Venthe caPhaI entering SySthe, the caPtal0Pehan sySteIn, - mphal wibol spstem, and Vethe inwetmen risk cothel andsu~ston pe.The VentUre cpe enwi SySthe includes caPital soarees, the inVestmen compnyestablishmen, venthe invtw ha bmeding, and govenunent encmpent system. rsecontri of wt caPital Wtin SySthe thelude venot caPtri twg ways and stePs,oppH and tiIne ck0ice, and service SySbo. bo caglul withded SyStem exPlains f0urway of-- caPital otfor.Asgh the 0Peratin 0f the fbur SyStems, venture caPhal gcts Profit. Ti1l the venture caPtalwithdrawal fr0m enwies, a caPiIal cbolation c0mes t0 an end.Tbe part be exPains the StatUS quo of ventUre invtw in our country Because thegOvrmen is the mbo inveSOt the wrifor thnds that the -- inwten corPOrations in ourlcountry are not strict institutes. And it make the venture investment be faced with some barriers. The thesis analysis the difficulties we have to surmountOn the basis of comprehensive analysis of the problems confronted us. The part four systemically expounds the venture investment system suit for china. The content concerned about venture capital sources, venture investment institution, and Growth Enterprise Market The article pointed that government should not become the main investor, a restrain and balance system should be constructed through management structure suitable arrangement, the establishment of the Growth Enterprise Market is an important condition to develop venture investment, and the other withdrawal way should also be developed.A good environment is imperative to establish venture investment system. In part four, the writer also expounds respectively policy environment, law environment, finance environment, and system of organization.In the thesis, the writer not only absorb many specialist's research accomplishment but also creating new in some faces. The frame of the thesis is very distinct. The venture investment is divided into four constituents according to circulating process of venture capital. The thesis elaborates systemically the environment that is necessary and put forward some constructive...
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