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Research, Financial Services Trade Liberalization And Financial Security In Developing Countries

Posted on:2003-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360065450723Subject:International trade
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The accelerating moving forward of liberalization of trade on world financial service will bring enormous influence on the economy of the developing country and the development of the finance, the outstanding behaviors is the safe danger in national finance field.On one hand, the " GATS" has arranged that the developing country should progressively relax a great deal of restrictions on multinational bank's entry by way of setting up commercial existence, This has from system aspect dispelled the institution barrier and trade blockades which has already existed in financial service trade field. Thus has driven the multinational bank to expand directly of whole world. This causes the unfavorable consequence to not only financial system but also the macroeconomic state of one country, such as incurring enormous threaten at competition in domestic banking; influencing the formulations and implementations of domestic monetary policies; enhancing the fragility enhancement of the financial system; Strengthening the mechanism of transmitting of international financial market fluctuates, These unfavorable consequences will threaten the financial security and economic security directly .On other hand, the progressively liberalization principle in Cross-Border Supply which the "GATS" initiate results in the unblocked of the international capital circulation channel greatly. This passes in and out in the developing country and opens the floodgates wide for international short-term capital. The extensive, lasting international short-term capital flows into has risen the system fragility of bank in the developing country, increased the fluctuation and uncertainty of the financial market, aggravated the degree on the economic foamlization, limited the validity of monetary policy, And may cause the international payments crisis, Thus make the financial system of the country in the non- balanced state of globalization.At last, the liberalization of trade in financial service has still strengthened the mechanism of transmitting of the international finance; it make the financial risks demonstrating an obvious infective character throughout the whole world, thus jeopardize national financial safety of the developing country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Trade of financial service, Financial safety, Multinational bank, International capital flow, Financial risks, Conduction mechanism
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