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Financial Risks And Regulatory Issues Of E-research

Posted on:2003-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Financial computerizing refers to the application of computer and electronic communication technology in financial industry, it has greatly affected the financial industry and now become a key factor to push its development especially in China. Studying on financial computerization risks and its supervision helps to implement effective supervision and speed up the development of financial industry in our country.This paper starts with the current situation of China's financial computerization to grasp its developing trend, then analyzes the subsequent broad impacts on traditional financial risks and challenges to financial supervision, and at last puts forward a framework to effectively supervise financial computerizing risk and accelerate the financial development.This paper points out that, payment system modernizing, data centralizing, electronic banking applying, financial networking, and money electronicing are bound to boost financial innovation and cause fundamental changes to financial services, therefore affect strategic risk, operational risk, reputational risk, legal risk, and innovation risk greatly, which will bring about challenges to the principles, modes, measures, and contents of financial supervision. Building up systems of financial computerizing supervision, electronic financial activities supervision, financial computerizing infrastructure, supervision supporting and safeguarding, and supervision coordinating is able to provide conditions for the development of financial computerizing, facilitate rational competition, and achieve financial stability as well as efficiency in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial computerizing, Financial risk, Financial supervision, Financial innovation, Financial security
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