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Study On Legal Issues Of The Listed Company Accounting Information Disclosure Regulation

Posted on:2017-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330536976622Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Information disclosed by listed companies is the cornerstone of the existence and healthy development of the securities market,while such true,complete and timely information is the basis and prerequisite for effective operation of the securities market.The quality of information disclosed by listed companies has a direct impact on the economic decisions by the participants in the market as well as an important impact on both healthy development and normal operation of the securities market.The disclosing of their accounting information must be further regulated,which is helpful for meeting the demands of the business-related information users,learning better about financial affairs of the enterprises and making a right decision while investing.Recently,the problems arising from violating the rules of accounting information disclosure have made people increasingly be aware of the importance and urgency of strengthening and improving the legal regulation of information disclosed by listed companies,which also enables this paper to be of great theoretical and practical significance.This paper,according to the relevant theories,analyzes the problems resulting from its own being unimproved by diagnosing the current laws that regulate the disclosing of the accounting information by listed companies.This paper,meanwhile,puts forward the suggestions that the relevant laws aiming at regulating the disclosure of the accounting information by listed companies in China be improved both by comparing the relevant laws in the developed countries such as America,England and Japan and then summarizing the similarities and enlightenment to our country.This paper is mainly divided into the following six parts.The first part is the introduction that both introduces from the background and significance of the research to research ideas and methods of the paper,and combs current researches on the issue from the domestic and foreign academic circles,summarizing the main innovation of the paper.The second part outlines the basic theory on the regulation of the disclosing of accounting information by listed companies,defines the legal concept of supervision of accounting information disclosure and points out its composition,principle of information disclosure regulation and meaning;The third part analyzes both the current situations of the legal regulation of accounting information disclosure by listed companies,and the shortcomings existing in the legal regulation;The fourth part analyses the legal supervision system of accounting information disclosure by listed companies in United States,the United Kingdom and Japan,and summarize their enlightenment to build relevant system in China;The fifth part puts forward several feasible suggestions on the legal supervision system of the legal regulation of accounting information disclosure by listed companies;The sixth part is the conclusion of the study,including some limitations and the development of the research.The main conclusion of this paper is that the legal supervision system of accounting information disclosure by listed companies consists of such basic elements as main body,concrete content,and means.As a result of the unclear definition of the authorities among legal supervision bodies,the conflicts among relevant laws,the weakness of the self-discipline and internal regulation between the industry and listed companies,and unimproved civil legal liability system,it is important that relevant organizations in China should further optimize the legal regulatory system,establish a unified system of legal regulations,improve the system of civil liability,and strengthen internal regulation of accounting information disclosed by listed companies,by sticking to the principle of the protection of investors,public justice and the combination of supervision and self-discipline as well as drawing lessons from the relevant legal regulations home and abroad.
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