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China Launched A Feasibility Analysis And Risk Management Of The Stock Index Futures Explore

Posted on:2004-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122975879Subject:Business management
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As an important instrument of financial derivative, Stock Index Futures possesses the ability of the price finding, of the hedge and so on. It can prevent the systematic risk of the stock market efficiently. At present Stock Index Futures develops rapidly in foreign countries, but it does not be established in our country. The imperfect form system of the capital market must affect it to give free rein to the function abundantly. It is good for capital market of our country to open the outside world and develop. Some department has already aware of the flaw of the capital market, and they speed up to study the problem of Stock Index Futures. This article just base on this background, it studies and requires the problem about developing the Stock Index Futures, it will do it is best to play a little role in the Stock Index Futures.The article includes four parts. It mainly requires the possibility that our country present the Stock Index Futures to public, and the risk management problem after above. Now, the condition of the push tend to be mature. The key lies on that how to manage after the push.The first part. It analyses the survey of the Stock Index Futures from the theory, the Stock Index Futures whose born, development, feature, ability and the international development tendency at present. Thus, it gets the conclusion that it is provided important meaning of theory and reality to push.The second part. First of all, it analyses that the push will bring the macroscopic effect and microcosmic effect. Following, it analyses the possibility of the push and reverse effect. It gets the conclusion that our country should present the Stock Index Futures as early as possible.The third part. It analyses the risk type, risk cause and the feature of the Stock Index res. It is good for us to prepare to keep lookout it. It makes develop in full scale about the risk.The fourth part. It analyses our country borrow the experience of risk controlling system by the risk prevention, it raise some advices for the push..The article unites the qualitative analysis and the quantitative analysis. Now, we blessed with the condition of establishing the Stock Index Futures, as the person who take part in the market, if the exchange place and supervision department can realize the risk management problem, it is hopeful that our country present the Stock Index Futures to public. That is the propose I write this article.
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