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Value Of The Chinese Social Security System

Posted on:2005-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122982425Subject:Political Theory
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Social security system is one of the important features of modern civilization. In present days, it is essential for us to improve social security system not only for the stability of market economy but also for dealing with a wide variety of risks in industrial society. Compared with other developed countries, the research of social security system in our country is launched lately, and explore little on the value of social security system. However, the value is the theoretical foundation of the system, the basic principle of construction and the motive of the development. Especially for more practical social security system, the location of its value always determines the choice of its system model. Hence, to clearly explore the value of social security system is academically and practically important. This paper has been written based on the recognition and speculation of this urgency.To define value , this paper has explored it in definition, standard, model and the relationship between it and facts in methodology, and the scope of the value of social security system coupled with the reality of our country. Academic fields has explored on this problem to some extent. This paper also takes a overall look on the present research concerning this, and points out some problems which includes confusing the exploration of the value with that of guiding ideas only to the neglect of the importance and urgency of the former, the difference of results due to the lack of uniform definition on basic values, attaching more importance from the angle of economy rather than in all-round ways, lack of logical exploration on the value. -Only the social justice and humanitarian can live up to those standards and display the value of modern social security system. Social justice requires every person in the society to enjoy his rights equal to his responsibilities, which, in detail, means persistence in the principles of dedication, morality, equality, quality and efficiency. Humanitarian venerates human as the most valuable ideology and requires to treat everybody friendly and to make man a real man, the positive principle of it is to free human kind and the negative principle of it is to eradicate the alienation. Because those two goals of value are abstract and difficult to practice, this paper finally explores the supporting value in relative low price in order to bridge the two principles and social security system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social security system, Value, Social justice, Humanitarian, duty, law, morality
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