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Real Estate Appraisers Basic Method Parameters To Improve Research

Posted on:2004-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125455397Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The appraisal of real estate is a study object of real estate, which estimates extrapolates and determines its objective and rational price. The appraisal of real estate in China, going with reforming the regimentation of soil apply and popularizing policy of premises commercialization after reformation and open. Though starts late, the appraisal of real estate develop very fast, and attached great importance by government and society.Income approach, market comparison approach and cost approach are usual three basic methods for appraisal of real estate internal and abroad, having own theory foundation and use range. Since exist the many differences with abroad in soil apply period, depreciation and capitalization rate aspect, thus the three basic methods have certain limitation in appraisal practice in our country, and now that existing personal factors for selection of every basic method parameter, so affect the verity value of real estate. In order to prefect our?Code for Real Estate Appraisal? (GB/T50291-1999) on and on, this paper aims for the issues in these basic evaluation methods parameters for confirmation in ?Code for Real Estate Appraisal? , ameliorating relevance parameters, expounding a few effective new methods in use. As a result of these basic evaluation methods exist differences in aspect of appraisal principle, appraisal thinking, rest on appraisal theory and use condition, thus they have different appraisal parameters, so this paper runs for the influence of appraisal parameter for the result from ideal, and assays evaluation resulting distribution of basic evaluation methods based on exerting probability statistics principle, thereby we can hold the ultimately result of real estate appraisal rationally.
Keywords/Search Tags:Appraisal of Real Estate, Basic Method Parameter, Income Approach, Market Comparison Approach, Cost Approach
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