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Witness Testimony Rules Study

Posted on:2005-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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AbstractThe persuasion of the decision made in the court and the democracy in the procedure of justice have been today symbols of righteous justice. Furthermore, they are strongly promoting disquisition on rules of evidence, including rules of witness and testimony in prosecuting criminals. In this dissertation, rules of witness and testimony in prosecuting criminals merely refer to rules of competence of witness, rules of obligation of witness and rules of value of testimony. The competence of a witness has different requirement by different judicial officers. As view of a detective, a witness should be capable and independent, while as view of a prosecutor or judge, a witness should provide valuable testimony besides his capacity and independence. Facing other conjunct suspicious criminals or defendants, a suspicious criminal or defendant should be considered independent and surely capable, since he has been accused, and if his statement harmonized other conjunct suspicious criminals or defendants confession, he is competent to be a witness. Witness can be labeled as potential witness, witness with valuable testimony and realistic witness. Obligation of a potential witness is undertaking inquiry by a detective or detectives. Obligation of witness with valuable testimony is appearing in court under order. Obligation of a realistic witness is answering judges' questions. Rules of value of testimony mainly involve factors a judge or judges who evaluate testimony should consider and those factors' effect.
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