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Study Of Shareholders' Voting Rights System

Posted on:2006-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Voting right is one of the basic functions of equity, and is the most important right that displays the shareholders' ownership of the companies. It has a tremendous theoretical and practical significance to do the research on the voting right of the shareholders in accordance with the rapid development of the joint stock companies in China and the strengthen of awareness of the Chinese shareholders' right nowadays. This thesis discusses the question of how to perfect the provisions on the voting right system in China with the combination of the relevant theories and the practice, the expatiation on and analysis of the related theoretical questions, the relevant provisions of the foreign countries, the current protection system of shareholders in China and the practice of the corporate governance. This thesis can be divided into 3 parts, the preface, the text and the conclusion. The text consists of 4 chapters:Chapter 1: General introduction of the voting right system. This Chapter consists of 2 sections. Section 1 focuses on the analysis of the basic concepts, the nature, the objective scope and other contents of the voting right system, and there are specific conclusion on the current mode and time of getting the voting right. Section 2 pays more attention to exceptions of the One-share one-vote principle by comparing the principle and other relevant principles.Chapter 2: Study of the exercise of the voting right. This Chapter consists of 2 sections. The first section concludes the analysis of the basic questions on the exertion, the expatiation on some special circumstance of non-uniformly exercising the voting right and the reasons of why the voting right shall be exerted uniformly. The second section is the study on the 3 special exertion mode of the voting right, and aims to perfect the relevant provisions of the voting right system in our country after comparing the provisions of the foreign countries.Chapter 3: Detailed research on the questions related to exercise of voting right. This Chapter has 4 parts, in which 4 important systems of exertion of voting right, the...
Keywords/Search Tags:the One-share one-vote principle, Proxies solicitation, Voting trust, Cumulative voting, Elimination of voting right system
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