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On The Improvement Of E-commerce Credit Mechanism

Posted on:2009-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360272492987Subject:Economic Law
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In recent years, as the e-commerce burgeoning in the world, the traditional transaction ways have changed greatly, associated with a wide range of large-scale commercial activities emerge in the area of electronics, with huge economic interests. The existing legal provisions only apply to the traditional commercial approach, the new laws of the e-commerce area are still at the initial stage of development, therefore, the vigorous electronic commences have generated many new legal issues, such as electronic evidence, electronic contract, certificate authority, electronic signatures, electronic notarization and other aspects of the question of the electronic commence. All of the above issues involve many legal departments, and have a certain amount of conflict with the existing laws, such as whether the electronic contract includes the writing requirements.In this paper, the central issue in the e-commerce is the safety of the e-commerce and the establishment of the e-commerce credit mechanism, so this paper makes "Constructing the complete e-commerce credit mechanism" as the thesis topic, and research several legal issues in the process of establishment of the e-commerce credit mechanism, and to explore the following issues: the basic issues relating to electronic commerce, electronic business credit mechanism for China's e-commerce credit mechanism, as well as establishing the e-commerce credit mechanism.The first part of the paper is "the basic e-commerce issues," focusing on the basic concepts, characteristics of the e-commerce and providing the basic problems of e-commerce to make certain awareness. This part discusses the concept, classification, characteristics of the e-commerce, understanding the connotation and extension of the e-commerce.The second part is "the reason of establishment of mechanisms for e-commerce credit". There are two reasons in this paper, including the advantages of e-commerce and the objective necessity of establishing the e-commerce credit mechanism, the second reason of which is divided into four part, namely, the nature of the internet itself, the absence of the credit basis in the traditional society which is established on the network, the lack of relevant systems and mechanisms, and the technical reasons for e-commerce.The third part is "the status quo of China's e-commerce credit mechanism", which analyses on the state of legislation, technology and legal sanctions, providing the current situation of China's e-commerce credit mechanism to the basic analysis. The fourth part of this paper is "Constructing the complete e-commerce credit mechanism", which is the core of this paper, with emphasis on the legislative building of e-commerce contract, establishing complete legal supervision system of e-commerce, establishing perfect e-commerce certification system, and enhancing the electronic signature, establishing the e-commerce notary system.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic commerce, contract of electronic commerce, certificate authority, electronic signature, electronic notary
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