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Simulation Development Platform Runtime Environment For Embedded Software Design And Implementation,

Posted on:2007-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360185456650Subject:Computer application technology
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Recently, embedded software simulation development environment has been used widely, it shall be utilized to simulate the hardware system to enable the software development and system integration implemented on a virtual stage, so as to complete the system model verification and running activity analysis before the manufacture of hardware prototype.On the base of conference to the existing embedded development platform and technological achievements, this article shall submit the design clew and realization plan to the runtime environment. That is constituted with simulation component, administration tools for the maintenance of simulate environmental running, which interacts in the form of object and simulate the real running of hardware environment by the information-driven.Subject to the physical characteristic of parts, a simplified structural model shall be given by simulation run environment. The structure of component model shall be constituted with the exterior characteristic interface, physical performance interface and simulate control interface in accordance with the connection standard of simulation component for component model realization and with clear function and easily extention.Simulation run environment provided a set of administration tools to support the user in the operation of simulation component. Among which, database administrator is the window to browse the inquiry component , the environment allocator is the platform for the establishment of simulation run environment, and the environment administrator maintain the natural running of simulation environment as a manager.Based on the above study, this topic has realized simulator run environment. After the start-up of simulation running environment with loaded object code, each simulation component shall harmonious run under the logic control of application software, so as to support the software commission and test verification.
Keywords/Search Tags:Software simulation, Simulation Component, Component Architecture, Simulation running environment
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