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Simulation Technology For Embedded System Software

Posted on:2005-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C M DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360125464038Subject:Computer application technology
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Along with the in-depth development of embedded system, a higher requirement to the development tools has been raised. In the traditional software and hardware cooperative development mode, the software development and hardware development contains each other. The unconventional activities caused by the hardware interfere have seriously effected the commission and test of software, which make the quality of software being hard to be guaranteed with the delay in development process. While simulation development is an effective method to break away from the mess. Simulation technology shall be utilized to simulate the real running of embedded hardware system to enable the software development and system integration implemented on a virtual stage, so as to complete the system model verification and running activity analysis before the manufacture of hardware prototype, avoiding the mutual wait between the software development and hardware development, in order to improve the development efficiency and lower the risks and costs.Contemporarily, the wide application of embedded products has led increasingly complexity and diversification of the object hardware system, so the ideal development environment should be provided with the fully support from hardware platform. And since the software system on the base of structural technology has been provided with a most importance, the structural technology shall be introduced in the construction of simulation system for hardware platform. The withdrawal and design of structure model is key for the achievement of structuralization. The separate structure shall be assembled together as per a certain type to construct a complete system. The dynamic integration mode is also the key point for the achievement of simulation platform. The study of software simulation technology has been commenced long before. The system simulation includes two modes based on the circuit simulation and behavioral description simulation. Event-driven is a commonly used simulation mode.On the base of conference to the existing embedded development platform and technological achievements, this article shall submit the design clew and realization plan to the SSRE prototype of simulation running support environment. SSRE prototype is constituted with simulation component, administration component and the assistant tools for the maintenance of environmental running, which interacts in the form of object and simulate the real running of hardware environment by the information-driven. The time sequence control and signal transport on the hardware platform is the difficulty in simulation, this article shall settle the problem by two algorithms, clock simulation and signal route.Subject to the physical characteristic of parts, a simplified structural model SCM shall be given by SSER prototype. The logic structure of SCM shall be constituted with the exterior characteristic, physical performance and inter-connection of structures in accordance with the connection standard of simulation structure for SCM realization and with clear function.The core of embedded system is the microcontroller. With complex logic of which, the software simulation is a problem. In this article, advantages of two simulation modes shall be integrated to submit a general microcontroller simulation model, SICU, with the model structure and working basis being studied. The microcontroller simulation is achieved with the integration of two models, SCM and SMCU. MC68HC908JL3 simulator has been completed at present, which not only realized the logic function of this microcontroller chip, but also provided with capacities of simulation collocation and commission support, the performance of which is found far better than simulator of the same type integrated by Motorola tool kit.SSRE prototype provided a set of assistant tools to support the user in the operation of simulation structure. Among which, database administrator is the window to browse the inquiry structure, the environment allocator is the platform for the establishm...
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