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Railway Station Computer Interlocking Fault Diagnosis Expert System

Posted on:2009-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360245982454Subject:Computer technology
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Railway signalling system is a conral system of conducting train move.As the main part of railway signaling system,the job of computer-interlocking system is conducting,ensuring safty and efficiency of train move.Thus its malfunction or handele overtime will make the train behind schedule,disrupt the transport sequences of railway and hide the unsafe factors.In the paper, analyse the computer-interlocking signaling system's fundamental structure and feature, classifies it with its function and gradation ,builds model which used in diagnosed malfunction. Intraduces the porcess of build subclasses fault tree.This paper describes the basic of theory and build up the primary strctrue about malfunction diagnosis expert system.Studys the setting-up of the knowledge. human-computer interface.the database of knowledge.deducing mechanism .etc.Analyses deeply methods of the setting-up knowledge about the performance of expert system.Brought up the model of setting-up of the knowledge based on three kinds of the setting-up knowledge.Be directed at feature of the fault of computer-interlocking system,designed the hybrid reasoning strategy based on rule-based strategy and case-based strategy, studied rule-based ratiocination control strategy and case-based ratiocination control strategy, Intraduces the porcess of fault diagnosis hybrid reasoning based on rule-based strategy and case-based strategy together.Finally, it analyses the development of portotype used studys model and methods.
Keywords/Search Tags:Computer-interlocking System, railway Signalling System, fault diagnosis, expert system
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