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Design And Realization Of Microcomputer Interlocking System Based On Profibus-Field

Posted on:2006-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182961796Subject:Computer technology
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Railway Signalling System is used to ensure the traveling crane safety among the station. By using computer interlocking control system, we can control the Railway Signalling System interlocking, which can enhance the Railway Station Travelling Safety further, improve the transportation ability of the station.Along with the constant development of fieldbus technology, its' application gain groud. This technology can save hardware quantity, investment, installation charge, maintenance charge. And the user can have altitudinal initiative right of the system integration. It also can enhance the accuracy and the reliability of the system. Because of all of these brings great benefit the factory and the enterprise. Fieldbus technology is focused on in the automation field, and its' research and development takes to the open, developmental trip. The system of the fieldbus controlling of our country has also developed. Fieldbus technology is the crossing and the integration of the technology of control, computer and communication.This paper first gave the analysis of PROFIBUS fieldbus technology and its speciality.Begin with the general structure of the computer interlock control system, it analysed the system' s structure and principle, then the paper researched the feasibility of the PROFIBUS fieldbus' s application in the computer interlock control system.Secondly, according the standard of PROFIBUS fieldbus, the paper designed the hardware structure and the interface of the PROFIBUS of the computer interlock control system, which based on PROFIBUS. It also gave the hardware configuration of the system. The designed system adopted redundant structure, and increased the safeness and the reliability of the system. This paper also designed the software structure of the system, and the gave the system software.And lastly the paper analysed the measures of the safeness andreliability which the system adopted.
Keywords/Search Tags:Railway signaling, Computer Interlocking System, Profibus, PLC
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