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The Split Share Structure Reform Of China's Capital Market M & A Research

Posted on:2007-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2209360185460176Subject:Business Administration
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Merger & acquisition is the most fascinating scenery in the capital markets. After the China's stock market completes"the entire circulation"by share splitting reform , more and more stock-transactions have transferred really from ownership market"minority equity markets"to"majority equity markets",the removal of system holdbacks will greatly stimulate our mergers &acquisitions activities to begin, and the spring-time of the mergers &acquisitions in capital markets will also arrive quietly. Some of the special characteristic stories about merger &acquisition which only than can perform repeatedly in the entire circulation market will become a new scenery line in China capital market in 2006 or later. This article is separately divided into the following several aspects, they will analysis and research the Merger & acquisition activities in the China's capital markets after performancing share splitting reform by some related cases.Firstly, according to the normal speed calculation, for our country, it is no much problem to completes the share splitting reform of the stock market in 2006 , the current downturn in the stock market provides a wealth of resources for merger &acquisition. Accompanied by the constant improvement of relevant laws and regulations, merger &acquisition and financing channels are diverse, my stock market is providing more and more facilities and conditions for merger &acquisition.Secondly, corporation merger &acquisition has already over 120 years of history in European and American mature capital markets. The United States, the richest characteristic, the most representative country has experienced 5 waves of merger & acquisition, it played a major role in promoting its domestic industries and escalating economic development. We can analysis and study the merger &acquisition of The...
Keywords/Search Tags:reform of non-tradable shares, merger &acquisition and restructuring, Means of payment, merger &acquisition trend, industry analysis
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