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The Seismic Reservoir Prediction Research For The Nantun Formation Of Huol2Block In Beier Depression

Posted on:2013-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2210330374466112Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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This paper is guided by the theory of the sequence stratigraphy, reservoir sedi-mentology etc, to carry out the research for the reservoir characteristics for the Nantunformation of huo12block in Beier depression. First of all, based on referring to theexploration fruits of previous geological, well drilling and well logging etc, making finetectonic, lithologic explanation for stratum of the Nantun formation by sufficiently using thecharacteristics of the block data, ready for reservoir prediction. Secondly, sufficiently usingthe data of seismic, well logging and well drilling data etc base on previous interpretationfruits, single well sedimentary micro-facies of39wells in the region are taken and analyzedcarefully. Then using seismic attribute analysis technology, such as data of time domainattribute analysis technology,frequency division interpretation technique, waveform clusteringanalysis technology etc and lithologic plane distribution characteristics of oil layer group,making sedimentary microfacies analysis of each oil layer groups. Finally, selected betterseismic attribute for the accuracy analysis of well, and completed preliminary reservoirprediction of the Nantun formation.Seismic inversion techniquet occupies an important position in oil field exploration anddevelopment, play a decisive role for searching for lithology oil and gas reservoirs, makeclear the distribution of sand bodies and the delineation of the favorable oil and gasaccumulation zone. This paper mainly uses the joint inversion techniques of the Geo-officeinversion and Jason wave impedance inversion, namely base on preliminary improvementseismic resolution by the Geo-office inversion, using high longitudinal resolution Jansonimpedance inversion method, further improving resolution, and thus improve the predictionaccuracy of the sandstone in the region. Using seismic inversion results of joint inversioncombined with the optimized seismic attributes, finally completed the fine description andprediction of reservoir.Finally, through reservoir prediction results for the Nantun formation of huo12block inBeier depression and oil well data of research area, pointed out that favorable explorationzone of the Nantun formation in the research area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fine interpretation, seismic attribute analysis, seismic inversion, reservoirprediction
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