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Study On The Bail System Of Our Country

Posted on:2012-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Bail provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law of China's criminal enforcement measures. The establishment of the purpose of bail is to ensure the smooth conduct of criminal proceedings, protection of human rights also implies the idea of seeking criminal punishment is the crime and protection of human rights objectives of the dual value of the combination.However, judicial practice in recent years, faced with for low bail, marginalization and other issues, did not fully play its function. With the rapid economic development of our society, the current bail system has been unable to fully adapt to the needs of our country's development, its refinement and modification is the trend. By analyzing the status of bail, bail system learn the advanced experience of the West, and according to China's specific national conditions and made a number of reform proposals.Chapter overview of bail, introduced the concept of bail, feature, highlights the course of development in China released on bail and has the function. ChapterⅡstudy abroad through the bail system, learn the advanced experience of bail system. ChapterⅢof our analysis of the current situation of bail, find out the defects of bail and the cause of its formation. ChapterⅣsets out some ideas of reform of bail for the inadequacies of the existing, made some sound recommendations.
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