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Research On Individual Value Of Ideological And Political Education In The Internet Environment

Posted on:2012-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338474214Subject:Ideological and political education
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Ideological and political education in internet is the new development and forms of ideological and political education in the cybertimes. In recent years, the study on the ideological and political education in internet environment has been the hot topic of the subject on ideological and political education, and it has obtained a lot of achievements. This paper is based on the results of previous studies, it attempts to conduct the thorough research about the individual value of the ideological and political education in internet environment.First of all, this paper has abandoned the traditional instrument rationality idea about the internet, and proposed that the internet is the concrete and historical objective existence. Its essence is one kind of space that review and change the real world; at the same time, it is a kind of instrument examine the real sense of the objective reality. The ultimate goal of the internet is to liberate people's thinking, rather than enslave it; and it is to promote human freedom and comprehensive development, rather than restrict it. However, at the present stage, regardless of the technique of the internet, or the role and function of it, has not manifested its essence, which is review the reality, change the world and promote person's comprehensive development. In addition the limitation of human understanding, the internet degenerates into one tool, which is help people flight from reality, indulge themselves and attack other people. Therefore, the internet essence calls for the study of the individual value of ideological and political education in internet environment. By the internet ideological and political education, it can satisfies person's special needs, guides the people understand internet correctly and use it reasonably, then display the essence of internet examines real world, liberates person's thought and promotes person's comprehensive development.What's more, this paper take the Marxism theory as the instruction, intensively reference the human theory and value philosophy of Marxism and the Western Marxism communication theory, and bases on the achievement of ideological and political education discipline and cyberspace technology. It also established the concept of internet ideological and political education, the connotation and characteristics of the individual value in it by compared with the traditional ideological and political. Since the establishment of the internet, it followed the internet protocols. As a product of modern technology, internet followed modern logic, besides that, it provides an interactive and all-immersive interactive cyberspace as the development of artificial intelligence technology. It is becomes that induce the cyberspace endowed with realistic, practical characteristics and virtual, absent, simulative attributes. So that the people in cyberspace is same to it in the real space, and making the cyberspace became a new form of social culture and a new way of existent. Then, it also brings the possibility of practice with ideological and political education in internet environment is, and the establishment of individual value with ideological and political education in internet environment.Finally, in bases on the above research foundations, this paper proposed the basic principles of judge the individual value established or not. They are whether it helps meet the human needs of cyberspace or people's comprehensive development, and helps review and change the real world. Besides of this, the principles and methods of realize the individual value about it have been cleared. By insisting on the ideal faith education, on the one side, it can construct the individual positive spiritual world, strengthening ideological education, and achieving individual physical and mental unity, on the other side, it can cultivate distinct personality, perfect individual personality, through the virtual practice and returning to the real world. The goal of all these are to find the personal existing meaning and broad the personal mind, exploit the personal creativity and innovation, and achieve the real oneself in the internet environment. In the finally, realize the comprehensive development of individual and society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet essence, Individual value of ideological and political education in the internet environment, Comprehensive development of people, Realization
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