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To Discuss The Legal Regulating Of The Anti-monopoly Law On The Abuse Market Dominant Position

Posted on:2012-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The pillars of anti-monopoly law are included prohibition of abuse of dominant market position, prohibiting cartels, control of mergers. Throughout the anti-monopoly legislation about all over the world, abuse of the dominant market position are to be prohibited, which typically reflects the nature and characteristics of anti-monopoly law . In view of prohibit abuse of dominant market position have a great importance in the theory of antitrust legislation and judicial practice, there are five parts to analysis of anti-monopoly law on against the abuse of market dominance legal regulation.Firstly, this thesis introduces the "3Q", which be followed with interest by many people. Therefore, many experts and scholars take part in the discussion about Tencent, which be suspected abuse of dominant market position.Secondly, this thesis discusses the synthesis of issues related to the abuse of market dominance. This chapter first introduced the relevant product, geographic, time, three to define the relevant market; afterward, discuss the meaning of dominant market position and recognized standards; describes the composition of the abuse of dominant market position and the main types of elements.Thirdly, this thesis deeply introduces the prohibition of abuse of dominant market position of domestic and foreign legal system. Mainly focused on the United States, the European Union and its member states, Japan and the relevant international organizations; and then introduces the prohibition of abuse of dominant market position on the legislative of China.The fourth part is an act against the abuse of the legal analysis of market dominance. Perspective of the network economy facing new anti-monopoly situation, and pointed out that the network economy is still applicable antitrust perspective, on the basis, defined the legal nature of "3Q".At last,in connection with the judicial problems encountered in practice, and propose five suggestions of improvement for anti-monopoly law.
Keywords/Search Tags:relevant market, dominant market position, abuse of dominant market position, anti-monopoly law
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