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The Research On The System Of Sureties

Posted on:2012-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The sureties system means that public security and judicial organs in the decision taken by the suspect or the accused bail enforcement measures, ordered to pay a certain amount of cash, to ensure that it does not evade the investigation or trial, and goes to the energy released criminal coercive measures. But the sureties system and the conflict between the lack of legislation in the specific application of the bail system in the process of being alienated and distorted, judicial practice, the bail application rate, the phenomenon of poor results has become a widespread problem. In foreign countries, especially the common law countries, bail system has become perfect and mature, and has a wealth of judicial practice. This article will bail system through the establishment of foreign countries and the operation mechanism of the process, to re-examine the system of sureties, and then establish a highly efficient and reasonable sureties system. Expand the application of bail, improve bail system, and promote international standards of criminal procedure.This paper consists of introduction and four chapters, Introduction of the main issues described the motivation and ideas.The first chapter from the concept of the sureties, history, values and so on the basis of our brief introduction to the current sureties system for further analysis later elaborated to provide the necessary platform sureties system. The second chapter describes the existence of the current the sureties system for a variety of problems, in-depth analysis of the causes for the sureties system reform and improvement to provide important entry points.The third chapter briefly describes the representation States of Western's bail system in of the development process, focusing on the bail system, the basic content, including: the type of bail and the application form, the rule to determine the amount of bail and the appropriate rules. It provides the necessary frame of reference for the construction of security system.The fourth chapter describes a variety of specific measures to guarantee system, in particular: the bail risk assessment mechanisms to guarantee the system as the core of the system of guarantees, deposit forfeiture relief system of justice, a strong social regulatory mechanism.
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