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Of False Advertising Recommended Witnesses Infringement Joint And Several Liability

Posted on:2012-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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More and more sellers realize the social influnce of public characters and invite them as attesetors, presenters, or spokemen in the advertisement of products and service. The topic of star advertising has long been a focus for mass media. However, it is often seen the condition that false information from the commercial advertising mislead or deceive customers. As a result, the potential harm to the society can't be underestimated, and so many customers have been bitten repeatedly by "star" power. The phenomenon of suing stars ever occurred in judicial practice, however, so far the system that ragulate false advertisements and protect customers'rights has never been established, which will be probed in this text.The essay will take false advertising endorsement as a point with the mothed of logic analysis and cases. The first part is about summary of false advertising endorsement, which difines the scope of it and identifies the standard of attestors. The second part is about demonstration of joint and several liability of attestors, and selectively analyses the nature of legal liability of attestors, who shall bear joint and several responsibility according to current law demonstracted by theory of joint tort. Third part is legal application about joint and several liability analysing its principle and component. In consideration of independent status of attestors, the principle of no fault liability shall be chosen and essential factor of causal relaitonship in the component shall be emphasised. Final part is about several suggestions about internal undertaking of tort joint and several liability with exeception clause of attestors.
Keywords/Search Tags:Attestors, False endorsements, Joint and several liablility, Joint tort
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