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In The Investigation Stage, Lawyers. Procedural Rights And Safeguards

Posted on:2012-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368993646Subject:Procedural Law
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Investigation procedures is the core of the judicial practice in China'scriminal proceedings,, and trials were very much dependent on the investigationresult, most of the guilty verdicts on the detection rate is to sustain. Thesuing and trial just confirm the investigation. In certain sense we may say thatin china which really decided the destiny of the criminal suspect is not judicialinvestigation but the investigatory procedures. Because the procedures areclose and in secret, on investigatory stage the criminal suspect rights is themost vulnerable,most protection-needed.Both Anglo-American Law System and Continental Law System are withoutexception continuously expanding and pre-trial investigation procedures, isundoubtedly the pre-trial proceedings of the key link.From the pre-trial proceedings defense of the evolution and development,on behalf of the current world system, the detection is emphasized on the stageof the three major procedural rights. By the Law of Criminal procedure, and newLayer Law in the regulations and dealing with a lawyer'three procedural rightssituation in our country, two major law systems abroad, trying to learn andimprove our system of defense.
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