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Rural Women's Land Tcontracting Management Right Protection Study

Posted on:2012-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As our country's rural social security system is still not fully established, the rural land contracting management right is our country the farmers' living security, we focus on, think and research in our country the rural land problem should follow the mass line, and deeply of the fields, do empirical research to concern about public sentiment, people, observing the public opinion, earnest effort, for our country 0.1 billion advise people to become rich farmers happiness new life unremitting efforts struggle.This case the plaintiff JinXiaoQin v. the defendant nanpu two groups acquisition for contracted cost allocation is occurred in cases in the rural social practical case, typical and specific aim, this paper for the case involves three disputes focus on legal theory and practice of specific points as follows:The first part, case review. To JinXiaoQin v. nanpu two groups on compensation cost allocation voluntarily cases as the breakthrough point, introduces the concrete facts of the case, in view of the YuanBeiGao statement summarizes the contracted management of rural land, has the nature of how to marry women did not contract to land in the contracted land is expropriated can participate in distribution after compensation fees and rural contracted land expropriation is how to divide the land compensation fees and three disputes focus, show the results of the court.The second part, dispute legal practice focus in this article. This part of the application for legal and practice case three focus on, this article summarizes the contracted management of rural land, the nature of the analyses the rural contracted management of land and the reality of the members of the collective rights legal, demonstrates its rural contracted collection and compensation rationality.The third part, case analysis research conclusion. Through the case analysis, combined with the reality of China controversy over the contracted management of rural land practice, realized that although the property law in our country in a usufructuary right holder specified in the rural land system, give the contracted management of rural land property rights, but the contracted management sex completely given its real right attribute value also has a long hard road to go, China's economic development is not balanced, differences in our country, solve all farmland still lags, how in the social transition period, the current our country to protect farmers' vital interests, maintain social harmony and stability, reasonable effective and timely handling land disputes will be the problem we have to face. We can't because the road ahead, and should be hard and shrink with theoretical innovation vision and bold practice courage.
Keywords/Search Tags:the contracted management of land, Members of the collective power, The collective land ownership, Collective land nationalization, Public interest
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