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Study On The System Of Collective Land Ownership

Posted on:2011-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330332986430Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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As the most important and basic natural resources, land is people's livelihood. Large population, small per capita and less cropland resources is the basic national conditions of China. With economic development, the acceleration of urbanization and the increasing scarcity of land resources, our land system has been unable to meet the demands of economic development, especially in country. Defects of collective land ownership system and excessive interference of national public power, which leading to the farmer's related interests have been infringed. Agricultural land resources and other resources have been seriously abandoned and dropped. And the rural economic development and agricultural modernization have been hinder. How to improve and perfect collective land ownership system, has been the focus of attention both in the theory and practice.Collective land ownership system formed in the planned economy era, which has been controlled by the strong state control of public power. But it has played a positive effect in the consolidation of the socialist public ownership, protection of national industrialization and development, and protection of rural land resources. But with the development of market economy and the need for agricultural modernization, the main deficiency of the system itself increasingly apparent, such as the main subject missing, object confusion, incomplete power, etc. And brought a lot of real confusion, such as poor land management rights transfer contracts, land use right invisible transfer of such an urgent need to reform and improve. Looking at the reform of land system in some foreign countries and Taiwan of China, we can see that clearing the subject of rights, improving the relevant power of land ownership, building land transfer market, promoting large-scale land operation is the best choice, and we should adhere to and learn from the above experience to reform and improve our collective land ownership system. There are many rehabilitation programs theorists about the reform of collective land ownership. Through comparative analysis, "Collective ownership of land improvement program" has a certain rationality and feasibility. Therefore, I propose that based on upholding the stability, sound progressive principles, legal principles, personal interests and social interests of the principle of coordination, focus on improving land use efficiency, taking into account the principle of land resources and protection of the principle of respect for the wishes of farmers, we should improve the system of collective land ownership, build and improve the relevant transfer market and moderate reduction national public power's interference.
Keywords/Search Tags:land resource, collective land ownership system, transfer market, national public power
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