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The System Change And Mode Selection Of Hainan State Farms' Land Use Right Transfer

Posted on:2013-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330374960032Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Lands are the most basic factor of production and important assets of Hainan State Farms. Land rights are the key of Hainan State Farms to restructure asset and to convert the management systems, which involves the fundamental interests of the land reclamation workers, but also involves the overall allocative efficiency of the land resources in Hainan Province, and it is the junction point of the reforms of Hainan State Farms. In July2008, the State Council approved the Hainan Provincial Government's Views on advancing the reforms of management system of Hainan State Farms, the new system reforms of Hainan State Farms began. Hainan State Farms is to achieve the purpose of "Coordinated regional development", and integrate system into the local, management into the society, economy into the market, it is necessary for Hainan State Farms to face the opportunities and challenges of the market-oriented, urban-rural integration and modernization of agriculture. Hainan State Farms must seriously learn from the advanced experiences of other provinces or regions, continue to promote the reform of land use rights, and implement a viable land transfer mode.This thesis adopts empirical analysis, induction and deduction, comparison and classification analysis methods, and adopts economic analysis, value analysis research methods. Firstly, it reviews the history of the operating system the agricultural land system since the establishment of Hainan State Farms, combining with the reforms'new requirements to improve the system of agricultural land, demonstrates that Hainan State Farms must continue to accelerate the land transfer, and promote the reform of land use rights. Through the list of Chengdu, Zhucheng, Chongqing and Shaoxing's typical land transfer mode, then this thesis puts forward the view of Hainan State Farms need to introduce the Land shareholding pattern. After the analyses of Land shareholding pattern's ontological problems of emergence, development, it discusses in detail the feasibility of Hainan State Farms to introduce the Land shareholding pattern from four aspects, which consist of agricultural land status quo, the enterprise groups, policy advantages and accumulated experience. On the methodology, this thesis firstly lists eight problems of Hainan State Farms must face and solve, if it wants to introduce Land shareholding pattern, and then, gives reasonable recommendations of legal regulation from five aspects: improving the the land contractual system, setting up workers rights protection system of agricultural land transfer, implementing the Land shareholding pattern in diversification, improving the risk prevention measures and social security.
Keywords/Search Tags:system change, the right of land contractual management, land transfer, land shareholding pattern, feasibility analysis, legal regulation
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