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The Concept Of Senior High School Physics Ampere Force Teaching Researchunder New Curriculum Concept

Posted on:2012-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330368492202Subject:Rural education
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The physics conception is not only the base, but also an important section of physics. The teaching of physici conception is very important and always a difficulty. Especially the teaching of abstract conception, such as learning and teaching of the conception of ampere force always confuse teachers and students.On the basis of the constructivsm, the instructional design and the concept teaching theory. in this paper, we have a research on the conception and teaching of ampere force from different angles. Firstly,This paper focuse on the analysis of the knowledge related to the ampere force . Through the investigation of last 20 years documents, we analyze the conmpiling of the knowledge related to ampere force, and compara systematically the different definition, From the angle of micro and macro analysis, The targetd problem sets research. The main reason caused the obstacle encountd in the learning the conception of electromotive force is caused the obstacle encounted in the learning the conception of ampere force is summarized by the method of questionnaire investigation and personal interview. Then we give some Constructive suggestions.Based on the above study, In View of students difficulty in learing ampere force, we provide an instructive and constructive example of instructional design, Focus on students' learning difficulties.This paper intends to give the way and thread for high school teachers or the same occupation to provide a paradigm and train of thought for research and teaching of abstract concepts in physics.
Keywords/Search Tags:ampere force, teacging of physics conception, Ampere force acting, instructional design
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