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A Study On Oxygen-enriched Combustion Of Petroleum Coke Under O2/CO2

Posted on:2014-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W TuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330395493365Subject:Engineering Thermal Physics
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With the temperature warming of the global environment, the countries of the world are actively exploring the technical means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Oxyfuel technology can not only improve the efficiency of the combustion of petroleum coke, and a high concentration of carbon dioxide can exhaust in the flue.It can get the high concentration of carbon dioxide so that it is beneficial to be concentrated, collected and utilized, and finally it can greatly reduce the cost of carbon dioxide emissions, so oxyfuel technology becomes a hotspot in recent years in the combustion field. Petroleum coke is the final product of petroleum, and has increasing production of petroleum coke. Oxyfuel technology and petroleum coke combustion combine to contribute to the expansion of industrial applications. Oxyfuel technology can overcome difficult of petroleum coke combustion process. Basic research on petroleum coke of Enriched combustion can provide the necessary theoretical foundation and technical support for industrial applications of petroleum cokeThis paper mainly research enriched combustion characteristics of petroleum coke and TGA under O2/CO2atmosphere.In carbon fixed furnace, with the increase of oxygen, it is conducive to the ignition and combustion of petroleum coke. When the oxygen concentration21%is increased to100%, the ignition time of the particles of the petroleum coke is from192s down to74s, a decrease of61.5%,and the burnout time of the petroleum coke particles decreases from1008s to194s; The maximum combustion temperature of the petroleum coke particles raises to1226℃from680℃; Peak heating rate of petroleum coke particles increases from4.84K/s to14.65K/s, namely the former is three times than the latter; When oxygen concentration increases, the combustion of the petroleum coke particles is improved, but when the oxygen concentration is increased to60%, the effect of the combustion time on reducing the ignition time is no longer significant.In TGA experiments, along with the increase of the oxygen concentration, the ignition temperature and burnout temperature of the petroleum coke fall. The ignition temperature561℃under the oxygen concentration21%is reduced to500℃under oxygen concentration100%,and burnout temperature drops from801℃to577℃;The increasing of oxygen has greater impact on the change on the burnout temperature of the petroleum coke; the activation energy for the petroleum coke with the increase of the oxygen concentration becomes large, and the pre-exponential factor increases with the increase of the oxygen concentration, but the pre-exponential factor increase faster. Burnout temperature of petroleum coke Increases with increase of heating rate. In the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, the combustion of petroleum coke would be inhibited. Ignition mode of petroleum coke is a non-homogeneous ignition mode, and it does not change with changes in the oxygen concentration and the heating rate.
Keywords/Search Tags:petroleum coke, oxyfuel, O2/CO2, carbon fixed furnace, TGA, ignitiontemperature
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