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The Research On The Aerated Concrete Prepared With Petroleum Coke Desulfuration Residues

Posted on:2014-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Z YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2252330425492106Subject:Structural engineering
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Petroleum coke is a product of the delayed coking refinery industry, contains highquantity of heat, which has high utilization value. Circulating fluidized bed combustiontechnology developed rapidly in recent years, the desulfurization effect is good; As it iswidely used, the desulfurization of petroleum coke ash production will also be greatlyimproved. At the present stage,,the utilization research of desulfurization of petroleumcoke ash is little, so the prospect of desulfurization of petroleum coke is great.Desulfurization of petroleum coke ash itself contains a lot of calcium, which has agood gelling performance and can be used for the construction industry.It not only cansave resources, but also can reduce pollution, with significant economic benefits.In this paper, the desulfurization of petroleum coke ash from Qingdao refinery,using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and X-ray diffraction analysis ofdesulfurization of petroleum coke ash chemical composition and mineral composition,and setting the time and stability of impact to study its normal consistency of cementwater; focuses on the desulfurization of petroleum coke ash in concrete workability,mechanical properties and durability of effects. By mixing coke ash trial or predigestion coke ash, fly ash, slag and superplasticizer to study the desulfurization ofpetroleum coke ash in concrete applications. Specific test programs are as follows:single doped coke coke ash gray or pre-digestion, complex and coke ash Slag orpre-digestion coke ash, fly ash and coke ash re-mixed or pre-digestion coke ash;including coke coke ash gray or pre-digestion the dosage of the order of0%,5%,10%,15%,20%, or the content of fly ash slag were50%,45%,40%,35%,30%;cementitious material respectively,350kg/m~3,390kg/m~3,430kg/m~3,470kg/m~3.Studies showed that: It can reduce the amount of cement significantly by rationaluse of petroleum coke ash desulfurization; coke ash mixed pre-digestion is morefavorable than undisturbed coke ash mixed with the performance of concrete; Whenthe coke ash dosage, the same total cementitious materials, complex mixed coke ashand slag S95mechanical properties, carbonation resistance and resistance to chlorideion penetration are the best; single doped coke ash resistance to chloride ion penetration have the least capacity, rehabilitation of fly ash and coke ash carbonationresistance and mechanical properties of is the worst. Experimental studies have shown:desulfurization of petroleum coke ash mixed concrete optimal ratio of15%for theresumption of pre-digestion coke mixed with ash and35%slag.
Keywords/Search Tags:Desulfurization of petroleum coke ash, slag, fly ash, work, mechanicalproperties, durability
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