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Research Of Regenerative Cycle Gas Furnace And Sulfur Corrosion Analysis Of Heat Exchange Tube

Posted on:2012-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330395954717Subject:Thermal Engineering
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Energy is the crucial factor of the prosperity development of the human society, with the development of the social and economic, the world face the problem of the dramatically increasing of energy demand. As one of the huge reserves unconventional energy, oil shale is the useful complementary and alternative of oil resource. So the countries all over the world pay more attention to the development and utilization of the oil shale now. The development and utilization of oil shale in Jinlin Huadian get the attention of all aspects. After nearly two years of the design and construction, the new tubular cycle gas heating furnace put into operation formally. In the stage of the operation of the furnace, the heat exchange of the second part of the furnace damaged because of serious corrosion.The paper basic on the damaged of the heat exchange, carry out sulfur corrosion analysis about the heat exchange, and put forward measures for improvement on the basis of the sulfur corrosion analysis. Proposed a regenerative cycle gas furnace refer to Fushun furnace and the actual situation of the oil shale in Jinlin Huadian. Main contents of the paper is:(1) Access to many literature, analyse the material of the tube, and through the test of material of the actual tube, comparative with the selected tube.(2) Through the analysis of the actual work conditions of the furnace, and the physical and chemical analysis of the different parts of the damaged tube, and the metallographic analysis of the tube, get the causes of the damage of the heat exchange tube,(3) Access to many literature on sulfur corrosion, and basis on the analysis of the cause of damaged tube above, conduct the sulfur corrosion analysis of the heat exchange tube.(4) According to the sulfur corrosion analysis of the damaged tube, proposed a regenerative cycle gas furnace process, make the energy balance calculation of the system and the flow mapping.(5) View of the regenerative cycle gas furnace use the shale ash as one of the furnace fuel, discuss the combustion method of the shale ash, and analyze the choice of regenerator heat gas stove.The paper make detailed analysis of sulfur corrosion of the tube, and on this base proposed to the furnace program which can avoid sulfur corrosion, provide the basis for the use of ball type hot air stove on the utilization of oil shale, and promotion on the application of the stove used on oil shale.
Keywords/Search Tags:oil shale, heat exchange tube, sulfur corrosion, hot stove
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