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Research On Microgrid Island Mode Operation And Control Based On Multi-Agent System

Posted on:2013-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330395986900Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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In recent years, the problem, that the depletion of traditional types energyas well as ecological environment has been damaged by human, becomesincreasingly serious. Therefore, new technology led in distributed powergeneration technology has developed rapidly, and microgrid formed by small-distributed power becomes a research hotspot. With the growing number ofdistributed power generation equipment connected to the distribution network,some issues start to appear. Because a large amount of data requires statisticsand computing, as well as its type of controlling is autonomous andindependent, the current traditional approach of unified scheduling andcontrolling by Superior is helpless. Thus, this dissertation proposes Multi-Agent System based on the distributed control.This dissertation not only describes the basic concepts of microgrid,definition of multi-agent system, structure and the control theory under thepremise of a amount of domestic and foreign literature, but also deeplyanalyzes the problem of microgrid operation in island mode. And then wepresent a kind of new controlling method that the entire system is divided intothree hierarchies. We send the lowest hierarchy of control to the underlyingmicrogrid power equipments, which can automatically run according to theirown situation, the surrounding circumstances and the coordination ofmicrogrid. Thus, we solve the problem of conversion between traditional anddistributed method.We have modified the original theory from three-layer structure theory tofour-tier structure by adding the concept of regional agent, and present a regional control strategy, which has been simulated by software.Finally, the dissertation describes the principle of the communicationbetween each agent in Multi-Agent System, and establishes the concept andmodel of the trust propagation. We have verified that the model enables thecommunication between agents more complete, smooth, and has a lower errorrate.
Keywords/Search Tags:distributed power generation, island mode, trust propagation, Multi-Agent System, Microgrid
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