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The Redemptive Journey Of A Love-pursuing Phantom-a Multi-dimensional Interpretation Of Saving Fish From Drowning

Posted on:2013-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Saving Fish from Drowning is the latest lengthy novel which is created by outstandingcontemporary Chinese American writer Amy Tan. The masterpiece tells of the story about agroup of Americans who meet some strange incidents in the tour toward the east. Amy Tanhas made a breakthrough. This novel points out that Amy Tan has changed her own style ofthe mother—daughter relationship, identity as well as the different cultures of the East andthe West. On the contrary, she draws her attention to the suffering of human being and livingpredicament. The thesis with employment of trauma theory attempts to analyze the deepmeaning of “suffering and salvation” and helps readers to understand the purpose of theauthor writing this novel and the profound theme.Since the1990s, trauma theory has become a hot topic in the field of western literarycriticism. The emergence of a large number of literary works and comments about trauma hasan great influence on the literary. Trauma theory, as a literature review, provides a newanalytic perspective for literary criticism. This paper tries to use the trauma theory toreinterpret of “Saving Fish from drowning”, intending to analyse the suffering and redemptiontheme.The paper consists of six parts, including five chapters. In the introduction, an overallstatement of the writer Amy Tan and her main works, and present research situation aregeneralized. Chapter One introduces the concept of trauma and the cause of trauma. Thesecond chapter refers to the suffering of human being. By reading the novel carefully, thethesis is attempting to profoundly analyze the main reasons of human being’s suffering. Thethird chapter discusses the suffering of animals and ecological environment, describing theecological environment in danger. The fourth chapter discusses the cure for human being’strauma and the salvation of ecology. What’s more, this part refers to salvation paradox causedby lack of understanding. Based on the former four chapters, the fifth part expands anddeepens the theme “suffering and salvation” in philosophy and ethics, pointing out the resultsof salvation should be measured through several parts, such as purpose, motives and effects.In the last part, the thesis conclude that though not giving a perfect answer to the way ofsalvation in Saving Fish from Drowning, Amy Tan tried her best to make a breakthrough inliterary. Saving Fish from Drowning can be regarded as a transitional point for Amy Tan’scareer. At the same time, it is of rich connotation and profound thinking,and will arouse thewide attention。...
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