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The Historical Evolution Of The Contemporary Chinese Nationalism And Influence

Posted on:2013-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330362469250Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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With China’s continuous rapid development and the great increase of its worldcompetitiveness, international community has already treated China as a superpower。Besides, Chinese people and the whole society’s individual’s subject consciousnessare both growing stronger and stronger. So answering the questions that who am I andthat what does China symbolize are becoming more and more important. And the keypoint is nationalism of contemporary China.Since Modern Times, the undercurrents of China’s nationalism have neverdisappeared and work from time to time. Considering the great effect of nationalismon China’s historical course and that the intellectual’s more awareness of the riseabruptly of nationalism in China, studying again and rethinking its growth,development, evolution and especially the future influence have important practicalsignificance.The article, on macro levels,with the whole, and historical insight, tries tohave a comparative analyses of contemporary Chinese nationalism. The Chapter1andChapter2elaborate the five relatively authoritative definitions of nationalism andbriefly introduce its emergence and development in modern China as the researchbackground. The Chapter3-5divided contemporary Chinese nationalism into threesegments, the reform and opening to the early ninety’s, the90s and the new century.At different times, it has obvious difference, but it is also connected with each other.Finally, based on the deep love of the motherland and the high degree ofidentity and loyalty, contemporary Chinese nationalism is a kind of a complex or apolitical ideological trend, which focus on how to realize China’s modernization assoon as possible. In the globalization time, with China’s economic growth and theincrease of its Modernity, the most important and significant is to choose a proper andrational nationalism building the Chinese nation as a mature political nationalities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nationalism, Modernity, Internet, Patriotism
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