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Talk About The Our Country Labor Dispatching System Flaw And Improvement

Posted on:2013-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330362470301Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Labor dispatching, as a new way of labor, labor and employment will use thephase separation, it is in the intense market competition and recruitment of diversitythe background "non-standardisation" labor configuration forms, is a mature marketeconomy countries a kind of mature employing way, because its itself has flexibledegree is high, low cost and can meet the characteristics of the three parties interestdemand and vigorous development. But on the other hand, also had to see if some ofthe restrictions and lack of necessary in the state of anomie, sending unit and theactual project unit of mutual shuffle, to be sent the legitimate rights violations causedby negative problems such as common. Although "labor contract law" after come onstage, the use of labor dispatching got corresponding standard and improve, but thelegal system itself, there’s some defects and later the labor contract lawimplementing regulations related to the fuzzy or disputes focus lacks specific added,the use of the labor dispatching back to the optional abuse of out of control of thesituation. This is largely covers the labor dispatching itself is positive, and willadverse effect infinite expansion, the rights and interests of labourers to be sent tocause great damage. Thesis was built on the background and basis, through to thelabor dispatching theory and practice research to develop labor dispatchingadvantage, to overcome the system defect for the purpose, just labor dispatching andstandardize the development put forward the improvement Suggestions.Full text is divided into five parts, including introduction, labor dispatching thepaper, the current our country labor dispatching development and legislation presentsituation, the current labor dispatching system on the problems and reasons analysis,and the legal system of our country labor dispatching the perfect relevantsuggestions and countermeasures. The first chapter-introduction, this part of thecontent including research results at home and abroad, and the background andwriting methods. The second chapter-an overview of labor dispatching. This part ofthe content mainly includes: labor dispatching some basic concepts, principles anddiscusses the introduction, labor dispatching system of the main body of the threeparties legal relationship, this research service dispatching legal system andstandardize the development to lay the foundation. Chapter3-the current our countrylabor dispatching development and legislation. This part of the main analyses thecurrent labor dispatching system’s development present situation in our country andthe legislation on labor dispatching system rules. The fourth chapter-the current ourcountry labor dispatching system analysis on the problems and reasons, this partfrom the realistic levels, analyzes the current labor dispatching problems in thesystem and expounds the produce such the cause of the problem. Chapter5-toperfect our labor dispatching system measures and related Suggestions. This part ofthe content is mainly aimed at the current labor dispatching the problems and reasonsputs forward countermeasures and Suggestions.
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