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The Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Enterprise Labor Dispatching In China

Posted on:2012-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368978978Subject:Business management
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Along with market economy reform deeply and the pace of economic globalization speeding up, Enterprise faces increasingly fierce competition. Enterprise in order to compete in an invincible position, they must improve their own competitiveness, and strive to reduce costs. Labor dispatching flourished in this context. Labor dispatching starts lately, develops faster, with labor dispatching system implementation to the enterprise, the original human resources supervisory work brings a lot of challenges. In order to adapt to the new situation and new change, the enterprise human resources management system must have corresponding change, such ability are helpful for enterprises in the development of the new situation.This paper introduction to our labor dispatching development issues as research topic, Using economics, human resources management and related knowledge and theory and combining with document search, enterprise research methods, questionnaire survey, From labor dispatching system using the problems in the perspective of labor dispatching And analysis the corresponding problem, it suggests to promote the development of labor dispatch and promote the development of labor dispatch.The chapter 2 defines to the concept of labor dispatch, it expounds the Labor relations in dispatching operation characteristic and it analyzes the labor dispatching the causes and development role. Through comparing the domestic labor dispatching development condition and policy characteristics and surveying the current situation of the development, with the labor dispatching development condition and policy have a comprehensive understanding of the system.The chapter 3 focuses on analyzing the existing in the development of our country labor dispatching the recognition problem and running problem. Mainly from the labor force dispatching way and operation mode, labor force dispatching system, labor force dispatching organization, the accepting units and placed employees etc subject or elements were analyzed.The chapter 4 in combination with practice, actual work experience and questionnaire, which puts forward the methods to solve the problems and Suggestions. And this chapter 3 corresponds, also from labor force dispatching system consummation, the standard, labor force dispatching organization of employers to improve and standardize and placed employees self-qualities, etc measures are put forward.The conclusion about it analyzes the staffing firm laws and regulations require further study and improvement of human resource service dispatching for solving the problems in the development and the trend of the development of reference, provide methods to promote the healthy development of human resource dispatch. I would like to hope that this article send the healthy development of labor dispatch to do something beneficial exploration.
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