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The Research Of Violation Of Privacy By "Human Flesh Search"

Posted on:2013-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The modern network technology has been developing rapidly, for network andof generation of new things and the emerging of the raging fire. The modern peopledepend on network more and more highly, the network has even control our life.Among them, the "human flesh search" behavior for the popular, quick, thecharacteristics of large range of interactive quickly becomes a member of theeye-catching."Human flesh search" the rise of the behavior, the network from a spaceto the trend of the evolution of virtual reality, from "abused cats events" to "Liaoningwomen events", from "death blog" to "anchor events", one is like a "network CNN"invisible "underground the judge", be searched in a few days hero is usually betweenis a probe, identity, privacy is hide something from people who were. Scatter forseveral years of family may be together, nobody because of it overnight. However,while "human flesh search" playing its active role, don’t forget, network and itattributes, also is a double edged sword. We should try to exert its justice side, if thewrong use it as a tool or feel satisfy curiosity, so social harm is huge. Privacy is animportant personality right of specific right, should be the necessary attention and fullprotection. Because of the "human flesh search" as a result of the invasion of privacyevents occurred frequently, serious impact on the party normal life, the exercise ofrights, even is the life and health.In this paper, the "human flesh search" causes rights of privacy problems hadbeen in-depth discussied and deeply analysised. Firstly, the "human flesh search"originated in Japan nets, through the answer problems to get the prize money form,promote the interaction between Internet users, form the first "of human flesh search"mechanism. In recent years "of human flesh search" rapid development, and hasformed a stream of the machine and search web search mode in "human flesh search"prosperity at the same time, cause others privacy violations is unavoidable. Secondly, for the definition of privacy, the author has used the legal mainstream view that thegeneral sense of the privacy, it is to point to citizens by private life peace othersunlawful interference, private information confidential are protected by law fromillegal collection, spying on others, public use and a personality right intrusion. Again,"human flesh search" for the violation of privacy is the focus of this chapter, whichintroduces the "human flesh search" the right of privacy species, including private lifesecret right, the citizens of the space, life, the right of privacy, the citizens of thepeace communication liberty, etc. In addition,"human flesh search" the right ofprivacy features include concealment, convenience, etc., and the main body partabout responsibility, the key is the network operators of responsibility, and a "humanflesh search" for the right of privacy imputation principle are adopting the principle offault liability. Can see, in the "human flesh search" invasion of privacy problem areintroduced and after detailed analysis of our country’s "human flesh search" invasionof privacy of the present situation of understanding and thinking is also important, inview of the present legislation and legal practice, and puts forward some legislativesituation in foreign countries is of practical significance of Suggestions, such asnetwork of the provisions of the real. These are the purpose to be reached.The phenomenon of "Human flesh search", not only reflect social and legal normsof related problems, but also for social morality of torture, it is more complex than thebehavior fit. Such as the existence of free speech protection and privacy protection ofconflict problem.Even so, the law as a civil rights last safeguard and relief means forthe regulation of these violations of the rights of citizens of behavior occur, perfectthe relevant legislation is imperative, ensure that determine the force andimplementation, displays the formidable deterrence and disciplinary action, to avoidthe exerts a subtle influence on social stability of inestimable importance causedamage.In today’s information age, maintain the balance of the interests of all parties, is toprotect privacy should follow the principle, namely to secure Internet informationindustry robust development and at the same time, and to ensure that the citizen’sright to privacy will not be violated. Therefore, China must to the state, the socialbenefit, economic development, the network environment and individual rights protection order to aspects of the pros and cons measure, legislation. In this view, thecomprehensive mode is adapt to the legislation of our country has been legal traditionand China’s current legal system, that is, to the types of industries, from differentpoints of view and so on many kinds technology to strengthen the legislation,establish privacy main body of responsibility and liability way to protect the privacyrights of citizens under the network environment and have set up the Chinesecharacteristic of network privacy protection system, the protection of the healthydevelopment of the network orderly, guarantee of freedom of opinion reasonableexercise while to respect the privacy citizens, and to realize the full protection of theprivacy of network.This paper aims at to ignore their own moral construction, contempt of others inthe legal rights of the watch, network environment on the stability of the socialenvironment has great influence, the space is virtual, but rights are real. Correctlyplaying the strength of the masses and science and technology, perfecting the relevantlegislation, security enforcement, let "Human flesh search" behavior get betterregulation and healthy development, in order to bring us more convenient and moreactive role.
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