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Analysis Of The Major Legal Issues Of Human Flesh Search

Posted on:2014-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the human flesh search events occurred one after another, heavily impacting our personal and social. However, how much do we really understand the human flesh search? And how we should define it? What are the characteristics it has? Not the ultimate goal to understand the human flesh search, the ultimate goal is how to regulate the human flesh search behavior within the scope of the law.Human flesh search exists with reasonable reasons, but it means not completely without restrictions. Internet users through the search of human flesh can help the street children find parents, can monitor the behavior of the officials. However, the human flesh search has some adverse things, such as invasion of privacy, reputation and honor, thus affecting the social life of tranquility. In fact, the human flesh search, neither good nor bad, is just a search or a way of life. However, through human flesh search, it may infringe the legal rights of others. Thus, the human flesh search has legal boundaries.The legal boundary of the human flesh search is not to infringe other people’s legitimate interests and public interests. Currently, most of the human flesh search events brought to people are not a positive energy, but naked violence. For example, during the "human flesh search first case”, Wang Fei has been " Wanted "and" kill " by others, even in real life, Wang Fei’s parents have also been repeatedly harassed and the entrance is plastered with slogans intimidation. Because of the human flesh search has violence, it need more regulation of the law in order to maximize the good side of people powered search.To regulate human flesh search by law, especially should pay attention to the special objects. Public figures, like the star, are there right to privacy? What is the legal boundary for it? Officials promoters flesh search is becoming common, do officials have right to privacy? How law should regulate? In recent years, the human flesh search incident involving enterprise human flesh search, is the new direction of development of the human flesh search, and it need to pay more attention. Currently, the legal regulation of human flesh search has not formed a system."Tort Liability Act and the Criminal Code" have only a little regulation terms; some departmental rules and local laws have some also. To improve the legal regulation of human flesh search, can start from the three levels: legislation, judicial and law‐abiding. We can establish and improve the protection of personal information as well as officials of the system of notification of property by legislation, and we also need to set up real‐name system management network; in order to make specific cases have legal basis, we should strengthen the judicial interpretation; to make citizens comply with laws, should enhance citizens’ law‐abiding awareness.That legal Regulation is not the only way to regulate the human flesh search behavior. To regulate the human flesh search need many ways, such as moral way. If so, human flesh search can be healthy development.
Keywords/Search Tags:human flesh search, the right of privacy, personal information, Network violence, the special object of human flesh research
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